“There are times in life when we must stop. Whether we are walking through a forest and happen upon a clearing, driving through a city and the impressive skyline cries out, or we glimpse the expanse of the glittering cosmos above and we are placed directly into our humanity, for however brief a moment, we are connected; connected to ourselves, and the world around us in our appreciation of what is true, beautiful, and possible.

Arabelle Raphael is a gifted artist whose visage alone has captivated so many, given them pause, and inspired paintings, sonnets, and epicurean delights of bacchanalian proportions.  

The mythic beauty she possesses is just a reflection of her remarkable spirit. She lives in a depth of emotional perception and dedication to sensuality in which most would drown. Arabelle, the siren of her shadowy world, works tirelessly to reveal the secrets and truths of this confusing, murky, and often unbearable existence by highlighting the joy that can be found in sorrow, the glow of human connection, and the inexhaustible power of will that humans refuse to abandon.”  

Arabelle Raphael is an artist, porn producer and sex worker living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Born in Paris, France to Tunisian, French, Iranian and Jewish parents, Arabelle immigrated to the United States as child.  

She is the writer, producer and cinematographer of "La Nuisance", an experimental art film which explores the expanse of queer femme relationships. Her work spans a multitude of mediums, including poetry, photography, personal essays, painting and diorama.

She is an accomplished actress, writer, and director, and does not hold back whether the work is pornographic, political, sensual or absurd she has a way of coaxing the vital message from the arcane recesses of each subject to present the art, unashamedly, for our consideration.

Her work as a director on 'All My Mother's Lovers' garnered an AVN award in 2018.  Her photography and films have been featured at festivals across the country such as: Failed Films, Stigma Unbound, and We're Still Working: The Art of Sex Work.  

In 2018, she founded Bay Area Workers Support with Maxine Holloway. BAWS is a grass roots community organization that provides resources and relief grants to sex workers in need.